Civil Rights – Yesterday and Tomorrow

The video of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech and the images of contemporary Latino protests have a common message.   Why do you think people are debating civil rights issues today?

from the José L. Castillo Photograph Collection

Immigration Protesters

“According to the Dallas Police Department, at least 100,000 people marched in the most well-attended civil movement in the history of Dallas. The protesters demanded the legalization of Hispanic undocumented immigrants, estimated to be about twelve million in the United States.” (Portal to Texas History).

Historically, oppression has inspired people to fight for equal rights and human justice.  This VIDEO tells the great story of Sitting Bull.

Are there recent events in your state having to do with prejudice that have inspired people to protest?  Find a primary source from the event and share with your class.

" What would Martin Luther King Say?"

“Protesters carry signs that read, “Immigrants are humans and have rights too.
Stop HR 4437″ and ” What would Martin Luther King Say?” during a march to stop anti-immigration legislation.” (Portal to Texas History)

Ask two students and one adult the following question and share the answers with your class.  What does your school do to ensure civil rights on campus?

ACTIVITY:  Immigrants must go through a long process in order to become citizens of the U.S. of A..  Test your skills by taking this Citizenship Quiz hosted by the History Channel.

Demonstrators at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in Washington, D.C., August 28, 1963.

Find out how many people in your county were born in another country? HINT: Check out this really cool map from the New York Times website.

"Just Like Dr. King / "I Have A Dream 2" / "Let Freedom Ring" / Now 4 Us"

“The so-called “mega march” was carried out to demand immigrant amnesty as members of the U.S. Congress debated immigration reform.” (Portal to Texas History)

ACTIVITY: Watch the Martin Luther King Speech and imagine the speech being given today. What do you think Martin Luther King meant and how does his speech apply today?

Want to know more? Think about politicians, activists, teachers, and peers who are talking about equality and civil justice.  Who do you respect in the current civil rights movement?  Write a short article, as if you were to publish it in a newspaper or e-zine, talking about whom you chose and why they remind you of Martin Luther King.


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  1. Did you know?

    Today, April 8 marks the anniversary (flashback to 1960) when the U.S. Senate passed the landmark Civil Rights Bill. Whom do you know could tell you a personal story of this historic moment?

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